What to Say When a Prospect Says "Not Interested"

In this video you'll understand the correct way to handle prospects that say they are "Not Interested" in what you have to offer.

The first thing you have to understand is when someone says that, they just mean they are not interested at the moment. You should not be tossing those leads in the trash because the vast majority of your business is going to come from people who are not interested.

When someone says they're not interested, put them aside and check in with them periodically because as their life situation might change, they may become interested in the future. Keep in mind that you never want to pressure people to buy at the moment when they aren't interested yet.

Remember your job is to simply follow up with them until one day they are interested. In the mean time, you need to generate as many leads as possible, because the more leads you have the less you have to worry about one or two leads not being interested. You also need to have a very effective sales and follow up funnel until people are ready to go and interested.

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