What Are Real Estate Syndications

Real Estate syndications are a way of investing in real estate where a large group of many everyday people and investors pool their money together to purchase big real estate assets such as Multifamily apartment buildings, self storage, or other real estate assets that are normally too expensive for one person to buy on their own.

There are many benefits to buying large properties, such as a 100 unit apartment complex or even bigger, that you just couldn’t get with buying a single rental unit such as a Single Family house. The downside of buying a large property is the cost of entry is normally way too high for one person or one investor to purchase. Real Estate Syndications that group multiple investors with each putting in a certain amount of funds, whether it's $50k or more,  make these large apartment buildings affordable to everyday investors.

The benefit of investing in Real Estate Syndications is you get to enjoy economies of scale, tax benefits, appreciation, and most importantly cash flow, with lower costs of maintenance as the buildings are shared with many tenants. More importantly than that, as a passive investor in Real Estate Syndications, there is normally 0 time commitment in managing the investment, meaning you’ll never have to put in any of your own time in repairing toilets, fixing leaks, dealing with tenants and evictions, or anything else. You get to put in your funds and enjoy passive appreciation, tax benefits, and cash flow from your tenants.

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