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I Have to Think About It - Objection Handling

Have you ever had someone say that they have to "think about it"?

It's a fairly easy objection to overcome, let's get right into the ways of handling it, but before we talk about the objection and how to handle it, you have to understand that people are NOT actually going to think about it, what it means is they are not sure if you could solve their problem or if they want to work with you.

It comes down to not just handling the objection, but what have you done during the sales presentation. The reason you get the objection is because you did not touch on peoples' problems that they had in mind. The first thing that you have to do when you get that objection is go back and figure out what problem did you NOT address.

You have to go back and address the problems they may have, give them a breakdown. Is it the price you're thinking about? Are you thinking about the company? Are you thinking about me? What is it exactly that you're thinking about? Keep going back over the things that they might be objecting to until they admit to you what it is in reality that they have a problem with.

At some point if you do that a couple of times they'll tell you what it is truly that they may uncomfortable with. Once they give you the TRUE objection, you can go back address the specific problem they have. After you address their new problem or objection, go back and ASK for the sale again and use what I like to call the Assumptive Close.

Make sure you use the assumptive close to smoothly transition to the next and final step. If they give you another objection, go back and do the same thing, then go back and do another assumptive close.

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