How to Set Up a SALES PRESENTATION - Question Based Selling

Setting up a sales presentation is absolutely necessary for your success in selling your product or service. Whenever I am setting up a sales presentation, instead of making it "statement based" like most new people do, we actually implement what I like to call "Question Based Selling" presentation.

When you're setting up a sales presentation, you want to ask them questions that helps let their guard down, and also help AMPLIFY their problems. You're in the business of solving peoples' problems, but most people like to delay dealing with problems. For you to get their motivation up, you have to ask questions that help amplify their problems, and once you get that done, then you move on to a different set of questions.

The next set of QUESTIONS when you're setting up a sales presentation should be designed in a way where you help people imagine you as the perfect solution to their problem. Let me break that down. Instead of making a statement about how great you are or how great your company is, you should ask them "If I can do x for you, would it help you with y?" By them saying yes, they are automatically going to assume you can solve their problems. Ex: Seller says I want to sell my house as is my response would be "If you knew 100% for sure without any doubt that we can sell your house AS IS without you doing anything to it at all, would that help you with the sale of your house?"

By setting up your sales presentation this way, you will get far less objections than you could with any other presentation. Remember when you're selling, you want to minimize how many STATEMENTS you make, because when you make a statement people may agree or disagree. When you ask a question, there is nothing to disagree with, it's just a question, but these questions will help the customer envision you as the one person that can actually solve their problem.

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