How to Cold Call in 2021 and Do Lead Generation | Cold Calling 101

Learn how you can become very effective on the phone and Lead Generation as well as Live Phone Sales. In this Cold Calling 101 & Lead Generation video we will go over everything you need to become a master at calling, sales, and Lead Generation!

1. Massive amount of cold calls in order for you to be successful. You have to use technology, such as dialer systems, in order to speed up how many calls you can do. Don't expect to be successful at this unless you generate a massive amount of calls.

2. Scripts: You need to have a script. A lot of people are naturally against following a script because they feel its' not genuine, but you can't have every call be different. There is a set formula for success on the phone, and following a set script that is based around asking people questions will get you much more success than trying to do every call differently.

3. Tonality: You have to sound happy and confident. People don't want to talk to someone on the phone that sounds "depressed". You have to sound happy & upbeat enough to get people to like your energy. You also have to sound confident and in control to make the prospect sound comfortable on the phone.

4. Objections: Most people think they're going to get a lot of objections on the phone, but you rarely get objections if you follow the right script, which would be a script revolved around asking questions. If you have the proper tonality you won't get objections. If you get any objections, answer it briefly then say "but anyways" then jump back on the script.

5. Speed: After training hundreds of people on how to cold call, I can tell you that people speak much faster than they realize. Learn to slow down to sound confident and in control. The faster you speak, the more likely people are to hang up, but the reality is the opposite of that. The quicker you speak, the more likely people hang up on you. Learning to speak slowly will quickly boost your performance. Record yourself and listen to yourself for practice!

6. Follow up: Cold calling is mostly about follow. Most people won't be ready at the time of the cold call. Learn to have a long term sales cycle where you follow up with people very consistently. You should also have different methods of follow up to hit prospects from multiple angles.

7. Helping People: Your intention needs to be about helping people. If people feel like you're on the phone with them and feel like you're trying to help them, you'll have far more people trust you and work with you.

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