It varies depending on the deal, usually safer deals have lower returns and more risky deals have higher returns. Our target isn’t to invest in risky deals, we want safer deals that bring us stable returns. Our criteria for most investments are 15-20% a year in total returns to the investor, including an 8%+ of cash flow.

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Yes. It’s a very simple process, you can choose that option when you choose to invest in a real estate opportunity and we will contact you with the steps needed to complete.

Not at all, it’s a completely passive investment. We will update you continuously about what’s happening but you can sit back and watch it happen.

You can choose to invest in whatever works for your goals, we personally are all in on multifamily real estate investing because commercial multifamily real estate values are based on income and growth, so it’s relatively easy to calculate and control not just the current purchase price but also control the performance of the investment and force it to appreciate in value with improvements. The right real estate investments tend to be less risky and way more profitable than most stocks.

It is an investment, and just like any other investment type there are risks of loss. The good news is that the risks and rewards of real estate are based on very clear calculations, so it is a much safer investment vehicle than a lot of other options. 

Usually most investments are going to be between 3-5 years holding period, at the end of 3-5 years the sponsor team will decide to refinance the property and return capital to investors while still holding the asset (with investors still receiving benefits) or we may decide to sell and return all capital plus any sale profits back to inventors, depending on the asset.

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